How does it works?

Post the job, hire a freelancer, track the job and make safe payment.

Post Project

Post your project and get the best suited freelancers for the requirements of the project. You can post multiple projects and manage them simultaneously.

Hire Expert

Get a wide choice of best freelancers for your job. Detailed profile and bid available for selection. Get assured quality work done in time.

Get Work Done

Track and chat with freelancers to get work done. Share files safely. Guidelines can be shared easily and professionally to get work done very smoothly.

Pay Safe

Manage agreements; previous and new invoices and bills. Pay after completion of the project only. Safest channel for immediate payment.

Hire freelancers to Create Your Team Online

You have a wide variety of freelancers based on the jobs to be done and the experience they have in the field. You can make your own team to get multiple jobs done at the same time.

5% Cashback

You can get up to 5% cashback on the jobs you get done through Forlancer. More payment means more cashback.

Make Terms & Agreement With a Freelancer

Finalize terms and agreements with freelancers beforehand to get assured quality work in time. Managing invoices and bills is easy.

Pay Safe and Securely

Pay only after you get the final submission on time and of the promised quality. The satisfaction of the customer is a priority at Forlancer.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated customer support at Forlancer will be there to solve your issues at the earliest possible and coordinate with the freelancer.

Do more with Forlancer

Work with hired freelancer easily and smoothly. Forlancer's features can give you the privilege to make you more manageable and organized. With less effort and minimum time, you can do more on Forlancer.

Manage with ease

You can coordinate with premium outsourcing skills

By controlling end to end features you can manage more on Forlancer. It's easy to interact with freelancers, safe for the payment, making terms agreement with your freelancers will assure you about your work.

You will be able to choose freelancers and post projects. You can decide contract terms and agreements with freelancers before the project is finalized and work is started. You also can manage invoices and take direct submission of project files etc. There is total security of data in terms of work as well as payments.

Hire with your terms and conditions

Make terms and agreement that suit both the parties

The client shall have full liberty to design and formulate contract terms and agreements. The time is given and payment terms can be finalised before the project starts. This helps in easy and transparent billing for both the ends. The terms once decided to help maintain the quality of work and assured payment during the project.

Easy payment tracking

Generate and upgrade your bills and invoices as soon as the work is done

The clients will be able to generate and manage the invoices of previous and as well as currently ongoing projects. This will help maintain a bill book and keep track of the work being done by the freelancers. It shall also help check and finalize the date of submission.

Transfer project files securely

Get access to project files when the work directly when finally done

Your privacy is our first priority. We do not access your files without your permission, our security for your any data is maintained with high security.

There is no data leakage or piracy. The project files will be directly transferred to the client through Forlancer. You can trust the quality of work and the submission is original and specially made for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Forlancer?

To hire freelancers, Forlancer is providing facilities which is more than any other else. When you hire freelancers through Forlancer, we are providing facilities like 5% cashback, better feature control, dedicated support till end of the project, all at free of cost and many more. Learn More

How are Forlancer structured?

Clients can post their project requirements for free and any freelancer can bid on projects for free of cost. We provide Workroom where client and freelancer can communicate, set terms and milestones, create invoices and pay safe easily. After each payment we take some charges from freelancer as a service fee and processing charges .

What is the Forlancer's commission fee or charges?

Forlancer's charges for clients is 0%. Yes, we are not taking any extra charges if you hire freelancers on Forlancer. We are taking 5% for freelancers as a commission fee, processing fee and payment gateway charges, all included.

Is my deposited payment refundable?

Yes, as this is only deposit so you can get fully refund at any day. You can request any day once you deposit payment, refund will be initiated immediately and will be completed as soon as possible according to our third party payment gateway. Learn More

Get free quotes from freelancers

Forlancer is accessible for the both mobile and desktop on the web. You can easily post jobs and get quick responses from top freelancers in the industry. Post your requirements in few step and here you go.