How to hire freelancers in online marketplace?

How to hire freelancers in online marketplace?

When you have a vast project to complete, and you need some help on it; hiring a freelancer would be the best and ideal way to fulfill your needs without being charged more. There are hundreds of free and chargeable freelance sites available to hire freelancers for the project you have. However, in case if you are not sure how to go about it or start it, then here are few beneficial tips regarding hiring and searching for the best-skilled freelancer as per the requirement. But even there is question always arises how to hire freelancers?



If you have already signed up with a freelance site then just visit the website and post the job you want to be done by following the next step, or else in case if you have not already, sign up to be a client on a particular freelance site. Remember, your profile is you on the website. Therefore, make an active profile same like an advertisement to attract and hire freelancers in the same way as their profiles are designed to bid for your project. Hence, create a high profile—and never be afraid to put in some humor into it if that is your personality.



In case if you are well aware of the job that needs to be done and who will be doing it the put and skill required by mentioning various skills like a developer, software, customer service, writing, editing, etc. Post your job directly. If you aren’t aware of it then, mention the work that needs to be done and let the freelancer expertise in the field contact you. Pricing is sometimes indicated on the freelance site itself keeping their profit in mind. However, you may negotiate in case if it allows you to do so. Remember, you may hire a freelancer, either the pricing should be on the Hourly basis or a Fixed Price, depending on the type of project.



Once the job is being posted on the freelance site that must have a system to either send you some numbers of auto shortlisted freelancer for your work as per the requirements. Most of these website uses data science to identify and highlight them on the website for you based entirely on the skills required or the job post. You also have the option to choose and hire freelancers and request them to send them the proposal or even search further for better deals. Once the selections are being made, or the proposals are being submitted across to you, review their profile in detail and skills and finalize them for a final interview.



Many companies or individuals use video interviews in their hiring process to gain a better sense of the freelancer. Mainly since it may be the only time, you will ever “meet” the remote worker. During the interview, keep in mind the traits to look for when hiring remote workers.



After you decided to finalize the deal, you make a final choice to hire a freelancer who is perfect for the work to be assigned, just click “hire” on their proposal and create the contract offer if any option is there or just send a message through the freelance site. Assign the project, and that’s it! They’re ready to start the project you had assigned. For ease of both parties, you can share some important notes and documents required for the project and also may communicate through the freelance site via which the deal is being done. Pay the amount for the work done to the hired freelancer via the website to be sure about everything. If working with freelancers is new, you may want to check out, the exact and correct procedure to delegate and get awesome results.


There are some best freelance sites where you can hire freelancers easily in just few steps

  2. Upwork
  3. Guru
  4. Toptal
  5. Forlancer'

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