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Graphic Design & Multimedia | Budget: $100 - 250 | Ends on: 10 Feb, 2020

I need to make a web site design project for a new site in the USA, the project must be ready in a short time.

Administrative Assistant

Data Entry | Budget: $250 - 750 | Ends on: 30 Apr, 2020

I need a virtual assistant to handle our projects such as admin tasks such as booking appointments, spreadsheets, and customer services. interested candidates should apply with their resume.

Job Board website redesign psd

IT / Programming | Budget: $100 - 250 | Ends on: 06 Feb, 2020

Background information Organization name SuperGenius We are a JobBoard company that runs offers to help people to find a job that he love and discover their unique purpose by accessing their su...

Talented Chibi Artist

Graphic Design & Multimedia | Budget: $Less than 100 | Ends on: 07 Jan, 2020

Familiar with Ai. Able to turn any character into chibi and kawaii style. It includes original and non original character such as Pokemon. Price will be calculated based on per figure.

Need a Web Designer/Programmer for our Company Website

IT / Programming | Budget: $Less than 100 | Ends on: 13 Sep, 2019

We are a Global IT Services company that is looking for a web designer/ programmer to refine our company website. The broad requirements are up-hauling the overall website and add new content- • Refi...

Write a small program

IT / Programming | Budget: $Not Sure | Ends on: 10 Sep, 2019

Input horse racing data file. Based on a small number of qualifications, calculate and display each horse's totals. I will provide the 2 screens, data file layout, sample of the data file, and how th...

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