Forlancer vs. Upwork

Why choose Forlancer over Upwork?

The Best freelance site to receive benefits using Forlancer rather than Upwork

5% Cashback

There is no cashback scheme on Upwork. Forlancer gives up to 5% cashback. If your work qualifies our scheme of cashback then receive the reward of up to 5% cashback at payments.

Post Project

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No Service Fee

Upwork charges an extra fee of 3% on the payment that you make. Forlancer do not make any extra charges for the services that we provide to you as our client.

Instant Payment & Refund

Upwork makes a refund of your deposited payments in 180 days. We as Upwork alternatives make instant payments and refunds. It is easy and safe for both the clients and the freelancers.

Billing and invoices Control

There is no facility of free billing and invoices module for the client to manage and control the projects at Upwork while we offer the same at Forlancer.

Dedicated Account Support

We at Forlancer provide you dedicated support for each and every project that you support. This feature is not present there on Upwork.

Feature Control

As a client, you have control over all the features of the project. All the features of the project will be as per your specification.

Difference Between Forlancer & Upwork

3% - 5%
Service Charges
Instant Payment & Refund
Within 3 - 5 days for both payment & refund
7 - 10 days to payment and 180 days for refund
Dedicated Support
Yes, it's free
No, you have to pay extra.
Featured Controls
Free. No subscription
Based on subscription

Calculate Your Cashback

Get your work done and get cashback on your every transaction. How much is your work can decide how much cashback you'll get? The more you get work done the more you get as cashback.

For better productivity, we take less from you and from freelancer as well. Our main goal is to provide quality service by providing profits to both parties. The cashback functionality is one of the best feature of Forlancer.

As Upwork alternatives, Forlancer does not take extra charges. For just $100 work you can save $80 on Forlancer only by getting cashback & saving service charges. And the charges that you will not have to pay a service fee are also additive savings for you. You can calculate before getting started so you can get an idea of your savings even before you actually begin.

$50 - $200 Deposits

Get 3% cashback if you deposit payment in above range.

$201 - $1000 Deposits

Get 4% cashback if you deposit payment in this range.


Get 5% cashback if you deposit payment in this range.

Just Few Steps

Post Project

Post your project and get the best suited freelancers for the requirements of the project. You can post multiple projects and manage them simultaneously.

Hire Expert

Get a wide choice of best freelancers for your job. Detailed profile and bid available for selection. Get assured quality work done in time.

Get Work Done

Track and chat with freelancers to get work done. Share files safely. Guidelines can be shared easily and professionally to get work done very smoothly.

Pay Safe

Manage agreements; previous and new invoices and bills. Pay after completion of the project only. Safest channel for immediate payment.

Get free quotes from freelancers

Forlancer is accessible for the both mobile and desktop on the web. You can easily post jobs and get quick responses from top freelancers in the industry. Post your requirements in few step and here you go.